Teardrops of Pain

Teardrops of pain
Trapped by these four walls
And to say they’re the only ones who’ve seen it all
Tears paint them, only for more to accompany them
Night terrors and frightening scenes, are the accent schemes
Love filled nights and petty fights
Of who loves who the most
And through it all I’ve yet to overdose
Walking hand and hand with you
As my heart is pinned bright to my sleeve
Yes for all to see
And you’re constantly tugging at it hopefully not consciously
Sickened by your lack of emotion and devotion
While I ponder over the thoughts of how I caused this commotion
Continuously wanting more
Never satisfied with enough
Deep scares are my excuse,
My excuse from the truth of how reality is my dream
And my dreams are like a little child’s game of make believe
Never facing life with a serious view
Until things get tragic or if it involves me and you
I cry and cry
But for what ?!
Like you said the action has no purpose
Except it gives you the reassurance that your life isn’t completely worth it
These Bloodshot eyes
See through lies
Or maybe they have had a few lucky guesses
Conflicted between my heart and mind either way it seems I can’t get my point across to you at any point and time!
Talking to all who are able to comprehend
The messages beneath all the anxiety emotion and exaggeration
The ones who can deal with their depression sadness and anger all in moderation
Which is funny because I’m always considered an illogical illiterate in your book
Talked to like a small child who their parents they’ve just defied
Only for you to throw false gratification of love and realism in my face
And I can never look you directly in the face as you so called put me in my place
For my self control is being tested
As thoughts of spitting hate and anger at you through my teeth
Flood my thought process wildly
And yet I keep my composure
But constantly over and Over
I’m pleading for a way possible for you to see
To take a glance into my soul
Only there will the unspoken truth unfold
Every desire and all the knowledge for you to acquire
And I’m asking you take the key
Trusting in you wasn’t easy for me and yet I’ve given you chances to peek
Instead you glare at me as if I was meek
… confused by your retorts
As I try to ease to your anger of some sort
Our love is yet strained
Over and over again
I don’t know how much we can take
Then again every one has a breaking point
I just wish we could be together happily
No demise or lies
Or outside inference
Again I have to tell myself these can only be wishes
So until then your white sheets will be stained
Stained for all to see
Stains of my teardrops of pain..


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